Prime Years Academy
Prime Years Academy
Personal Rights
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Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
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Identification and Emergency Information
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Physician's Report
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Child's Preadmission Health History
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Notification of Parent's Rights
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Pretend City Field Trip

PYA will be visiting Pretend City Children’s Museum on Tuesday, 1/28 @ 10:00am. All children must be accompanied by an adult, dressed in PYA shirts, and have a sack lunch.


School Holidays

PYA will be closed Mondays, February 10th and 17th for Presidents’ Day.


ISCN’s Celebration

ISCN’s 30th Anniversary Celebration will be on Saturday, February 22 @ 6:00pm. We hope to see you there!


Canvas and Cookies

Join us Friday, February 28th for an exciting event of family fun as we host our first painting night here at PYA. $40/Adult +Child. Each will go home with their painted canvas and loads of happy memories!

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