Prime Years Academy
Prime Years Academy

The Enrollment Process

  1. Visit our center to determine if our program fits with your child's needs.
  2. Fill out an interest card. Applicants are taken on an on-going basis. A waiting list is established for impacted classrooms and applications will be kept for six months.
  3. If there is a space available for your child, we will call you and request a non-refundable registration fee of ($150.00) and hand you a registration packet. The fee will guarantee a spot for your child at our center (for two weeks) until all required paperwork is completed.
  4. Once the packet is complete, a meeting time will be arranged to review the paperwork and decide on your child's start date.

Tuition is due the 1st of the month. A $10 late fee is applied after the 10th of the month.
Monthly tuition does not change based on sick days, vacations, school closures or other days when school is not in session.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our Spring Parent/teacher conferences will be starting Monday, April 15- Friday May 3rd. Sign-up sheets will be available Tuesday, April 9th. 


Medjool Dates Fundraiser

Our Medjool dates fundraising campaign has started! Choose the type and quantity you prefer. Place your order April 22-30 and you are guaranteed delivery by May 3rd insa’Allah, just in time for Ramadan. All proceeds go to support PYA’s bathrooms’ improvement project.


Field Trip

Tuesday, April 30th will be our field trip to Discovery Cube in Orange County. All children must be accompanied by an adult and dressed in PYA shirts.                      

2019-2020 Registration

Registration for the upcoming year will start Monday, May 6-10 for PYA parents. Registration for non-PYA families will start the week of Monday, May 13-16 on a first-come-first-serve basis until spots are filled.

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